Breastfeeding lessons from a new mum

Breastfeeding lessons from a new mum

The need to feed

Firstly let me start by saying that breast or bottle, it doesn’t matter. A full baby is a happy baby (and a happy mum!). For me, I chose to and had the absolute pleasure of breastfeeding my girl for 14 months. It was a mix of mega highs and mega lows sprinkled with lots of anxiety, satisfaction and a definite loss of inhibitions. My breastfeeding journey even inspired me to start my business @boobbling making custom boob and breastmilk jewellery. From one first time mum to another, here is what I learned from the experience.

It’s demanding AF

Wow nobody can ever prepare you for a baby’s constant need to feed. It is literally the most selfless thing you will ever do for your child. It took me about 4 weeks to find my flow with it, and I distinctly remember some days resenting feeding so much. You literally become your child’s only means of survival. All I can say is stay strong mama, it gets so much easier as time passes and you actually start to find real joy in doing it.

Everyone and their granny will see your tits

And I mean EVERYONE. Friends, family, work colleagues, strangers. Please don’t feel embarrassed. You also start to get used to exposing your boobs anywhere and everywhere… cafes, parks, pubs, work, public transport. It almost starts to feel like a badge of honour. Extreme breastfeeding. If you want some reassurance then check out the #breastfeedinginpublic hashtag on Instagram.

The bonding is real

Breastfeeding is such a unique experience. The fact that your body knows what your baby needs and changes your milk accordingly blows my mind. There’s something about the way your baby looks up at you when feeding. It makes your heart grow a little bit bigger every time.

Enjoy the ‘me time’ opportunity

Oh my how ‘me time’ changes with a baby! You might be feeding for 2 hours between cluster feeds and baby naps so turn it into an opportunity for you to relax. After a couple of months, you will probably have a breastfeeding survival kit set up in your usual feeding spot. For me, it was a drink, a snack, the TV remote, my phone, and a charger. That way I was always prepared… and remember if you can to pee before you feed hahaha.

Prepare to mourn the loss

It hit me unexpectedly like a brick wall. We were down to one night feed, and then I had to go away for two nights. When I got back, she wasn’t interested. I cried for two days straight. I guess you often don’t realise how much something means until it’s over. We got to 14 months. I was delighted and she was suddenly thriving without me.


Hell Yeah. I mean what’s the point in breastfeeding if you can’t enjoy the perks right?!


In summary... 

Breastfeeding is quite the experience right! I would love to hear what you learned from your journey too. Leave a comment below or come chat with me at the Bonnie Bairn Fair on 1st March.

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