Processing Times

As a growing business, and busy mums, we’re working hard to ensure processing times are quick without compromising the quality of your artisan jewellery.

To ensure the highest quality products, we produce our artisan jewellery in small batches. This is to ensure that each piece of jewellery gets the attention it rightly deserves.

What are the processing times for Boob Bling Jewellery?

It takes an average of 6-8 weeks to get your finished piece to you. If you are an international client, add two additional weeks for postage.

Why does Boob Bling Jewellery take this long to create?

Unlike other keepsake jewellery companies, at Boob Bling we have a small team of in-house jewellers who create each piece of artisan jewellery to order. We do not purchase pre-made jewellery items and simply fill them with your breastmilk pearls.

We send our gold jewellery in one batch to the Edinburgh Assay Office (where your pieces are hallmarked as a proof of quality).

Breastmilk Jewellery:

Our Breastmilk Jewellery items cannot be completed without the key ingredient! Our jewellers do not start the process of making your item until we have received your breastmilk sample. So please return your milk kit as soon as possible so we can start creating your bespoke keepsake jewellery. We also need confirmation of your ring size before we can order the correct amount of metal to complete your order. 

The process of transforming breastmilk into a pearl takes a little bit of time and patience, and so we need a month to do this perfectly.

Birthstone Jewellery:

Boob Bling Birthstone Jewellery takes time because it also often incorporates a breastmilk pearl, so like our Breastmilk Jewellery, we require your milk kit to be returned before our jewellers can start work on your precious keepsake.  

It can take up to 4 weeks to source a gemstone of the quality that we work with so we need to allow time to receive it.

Boob Jewellery:

Boob Bling Boob Jewellery is completely unique! Our jewellers can't start work on these pieces until they have your awesome boob drawings! So get them over to us as soon as possible. This is artisan jewellery at its finest. True one of a kind pieces.


Can I make the processing times quicker?

Unfortunately, we can’t make the processing times quicker as our quality craftsmanship requires the time to ensure your jewellery is up to our quality standards. We hope our pieces will last you a lifetime, perfection takes time and is worth the wait. 

If you have any questions at all about our processing times, please contact us on Instagram or via email here.