How it works

 Here is what happens after we receive your order

 Breastmilk Jewellery Boob Jewellery
You will receive a pre-paid package containing your Boob Bling milk kit. Please half fill the tube with your breastmilk (5ml) and post it back to us. If required we will also send you a ring sizer. Pop your ring size on the note card included in your kit and return the ring sizer to us so we can do our bit for the environment and re-use.
Time for you to get arty and send us a drawing of your boobs. Or why not get your partner to draw them!!! A line drawing will be fine. We'll send a card with markings so you have a size guide.  Once you submit your boob drawing, our jeweller will check that the drawing is suitable for the piece of jewellery you have chosen.

Once we have your breastmilk, we will process it and transform it into a beautiful milk pearl.

At the same time, our award winning team of jewellers will start hand crafting your jewellery piece to the highest premium standard.

If you ordered a ring, you will receive a ring sizer in the post. Use it and return it to us with a note of your ring size so that we can do our bit for the environment and re-use.

Our jeweller will then get to work transforming your boobs into art.

 And Finally

If you have ordered a gold piece of jewellery, we will send your piece to the Edinburgh Assay Office, where it is stamped to verify quality and craftsmanship. If engraving is required, it will then be sent to our extremely talented hand engraver.  Finally, we will polish up your piece, post it to you and wait in anticipation for your gorgeous Boob Bling selfie.