How to care for your jewellery

Learn how to care for your jewellery handcrafted by the artisan jewellery makers at Boob Bling.

Any piece of custom made jewellery deserves a little extra loving. Most of the pieces we make are more than a piece of jewellery. They are a very special memory, a moment in time and something that you plan to cherish forever. Here are some tips on how to care for your piece.

  • How to care for your breastmilk jewellery
  • How to care for your birthstone jewellery
  • How to care for your boob jewellery
  • Need to repair your Boob Bling jewellery

How to care for your Breastmilk jewellery

Our breastmilk jewellery is created by mixing and encasing your precious milk with a substance called resin. Resin hardens into a solid shape and is commonly used in making jewellery items. To ensure its longevity, we wouldn’t recommend wearing your piece on a daily basis. If you do want to wear it daily, keep 5 mls milk in your freezer just in case we ever need it.
Here are our special care recommendations:

  • Do not get your item wet. Resin isn’t waterproof so we recommend removing it before a bath, shower, swim or if washing dishes
  • Avoid exposure to prolonged UV light
  • Avoid exposure to extreme heat exposure
  • Avoid wearing if using chemicals
  • Resin can get scratched through everyday use. Drop us an email for some tips on how to polish your piece
  • When not wearing your piece, it is best to store it in a cool, dark place
Every drop is different 
Also please remember that every drop of breastmilk is different, so the colour of your finished piece often reflects this. It's not uncommon for breastmilk to change colour over time. Our preservation process should prevent this to a certain extent, but there is always a chance that your breastmilk item may change colour over time. If you every have a question or concern please drop us an email
Air Bubbles
As resin jewellery is poured by hand, there can be tiny air bubbles inside the finished breastmilk pearl. We do our best to keep any air bubbles to a minimum, but some air bubbles might be visible in your jewellery. 


How to care for your Birthstone Jewellery

Boob Bling Birthstone Jewellery is a combination of precious metals, precious stones and in some cases, most important of all, a breastmilk pearl. Sterling silver and 9ct gold are very durable metals. Precious stones vary in toughness, with softness measured on the Mohs Scale. Stones such as diamonds measure a 10 on the Mohs scale meaning it is one of the most durable stones, but others rank lower and are scratched and marked more easily so please treat your Boob Bling birthstone jewellery with care.   

How to care for your Boob Jewellery

Sterling silver and 9ct gold are very durable metals. But just like our breastmilk jewellery pieces, we recommend that you follow some basic tips to care for and ensure the longevity of your piece. Limit exposure to water, UV light, extreme heat and chemicals. 

Your piece may get scratched from daily use, If this happens drop us an email for some tips on how to polish your piece.


If you damage the breastmilk pearl, you can send it to Boob Bling for assessment. If we are able to fix it, we will charge you £30 to do so. We do keep a small amount of each client's milk aside for 12 months in case of any damages. Our repair service can be purchased here