Boob Merchandise - Limited Edition Hoodies for Mums

Boob Merchandise: Limited Edition

Oh mama, did you see our Boob Merchandise?

We has so much fun designing our mama, that we decided to make her wearable. 

We worked with a wonderful local illustrator to create The Mama. I really wanted to start to personalise our packaging more. The Mama was designed to feature as a book mark and postcard. But when I saw her come to life i just knew we needed her on a hoodie too! 

Boob Merchandise - Limited Edition Hoodies for Mums

So we headed over to an amazing company called Print Social and uploaded our Mama. Wow we are so please with the results. I literally can't wait to rock this hoodie every day this winter! 


The mama is a symbol for us of the early journey of motherhood.

- 365 because we never get a day off

- A crown because we are all queens

- Staring into the eyes of her baby because that's the most precious moment

- Covered in boobs

Boob Merchandise created with our new symbol of the early journey of Motherhood - the illustrated Mama

















We really hope that you love her as much as we do.

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