Shipping Costs: Boob Bling Jewellery

Find out the shipping costs for premium jewellery at Boob Bling...

UK shipping cost... it's completely free! Yay! 
Yes you read that right. Instead of charging one price for our premium breastmilk jewellery, birthstone jewellery, and boob jewellery, and then adding loads of extra hidden costs, we are stripping it all away. The price you pay for your piece of artisan jewellery is the only price you will pay. No extra for milk kits, no extra for ring sizers, no extra for postage. Makes sense right!

For buyers outside of the UK
If you live outside the UK then sadly we do need to charge for shipping BUT we have kept it as minimum as possible. There's a flat shipping rate of £30 anywhere outside the UK. Please also be aware that you may encounter country specific customs fees. 

Boob Bling orders are shipped by Royal Mail using the Special Delivery Service to ensure the quickest and most secure shipping method. 

If you have any specific Shipping Cost queries please drop us a DM on Instagram here or you can send us an email via our Contact Form