Boob Bling creates premium breastmilk jewellery pieces to celebrate and remember your breastfeeding journey.

Jewellery is a way of keeping memories alive and with us always. Our custom jewellery pieces honour your individual journey. When a baby is born, so is a mother. Shine on you incredible human being. 💖

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Client Reviews

"Ending our breastfeeding journey after 2 years was hard. Knowing I'd receive such a wonderful keepsake made it a little easier. We were kept updated every step of the way and the service was excellent and so friendly. Boob Bling really understand how special breastfeeding is."

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How it works

Here's what to expect when you order from Boob Bling


Milk Kit

Once you have placed your order you'll be sent a Boob Bling Milk Kit which includes a test tube for your precious breastmilk, and a pre paid returns label.



Once we receive your breastmilk we pop it straight into our freezer where it is safely kept until we are ready to process the next batch of breastmilk samples.


The Magic Happens

We process your breastmilk, turning it from a liquid into a paste. It's then set aside to crystallise. We contact you at this point to let you know this process is complete.


Award Winning Jewellers

Our team Jewellers then create your bespoke piece of jewellery in your choice of Silver, Gold or Rose Gold, to the very highest standard of craftsmanship. It will then be sent for hallmarking and/or engraving if required.


Setting the Milk Pearl

Once your breastmilk is processed and we have the completed jewellery setting, we add the breastmilk pearl. We mix your breastmilk with Jeweller Grade Resin and a tiny amount of irridescent powder to enhance the natural beauty of the milk.


Home to Mama

Once your precious piece is completed it is beautifully packaged and posted out by Royal Mail recorded delivery. Wear it with pride as a celebration of your amazing achievement and worn with pride! And don't forget to share a photo with us too :)

Who makes your jewellery

Boob Bling is an award winning team. Read more bout the amazing faces behind the brand.

Meet the Titty Team

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