Boob Bling Chats | Episode 1 | Make Way Photography

Starting a business whilst trying to raise a tiny human is pretty mental. There’s no way around that fact. But knowing that there are other mums going through it makes all the difference.

That’s why I have started Boob Bling chats. It’s a way for me to speak to other busy ladies (mostly mums) who have businesses that focus on mums and babies.

This week we caught up with Dani from Make Way Photography. Dani is a personal branding photographer. She works with businesses to find the human essence behind the brand and create amazing images to support the brand’s mission.

Dani is an all-round great human being. She is not only passionate about kicking her business up a gear, but she is driven by the change to create the right work-life balance in which to raise her daughter. Throughout this interview you can hear Dani’s love and dedication to her daughter, but also the reawakening of her own self belief.





It was awesome to chat with you Dani and please go check out her website! Dani is based in Essex and ready to help businesses in her local area make the next step in showcasing their brand.

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