Breastmilk & Birthstone Pendant | Milkdrop & 2 Birthstones


Your precious breastmilk pearl sitting above the 2 birthstones of your choice.  Simple, elegant, awesome!  

Jan - Garnet, Feb - Amethyst, Mar - Aquamarine, Apr - Diamond, May - Emerald, Jun - Alexandrite, Jul - Ruby, Aug - Peridot, Sept - Sapphire, Oct - Pink Tourmaline, Nov - Yellow Topaz, Dec - Tanzanite

All pendants supplied with a fine diamond cut curb chain in either Sterling Silver, 9ct Gold or 9ct Rose Gold. 

Please detail the specific stone you would like in the Notes/Comments section when you place your order.  Please also advise if you would prefer a 16" chain or an 18" chain. 

In addition to our genuine birthstones, we have recently introduced Cubic Zirconia as an option to keep costs as low as possible for you, the customer. Cubic Zirconia is available in all birthstone colours so please specify birth month in the comments when you place your order. 

The breastmilk necklace is available in Sterling Silver, 9ct Gold or Rose Gold.

After receiving your order we will send you a breastmilk kit which includes instructions on how to send in your breastmilk.

Orders usually take 6-8 weeks to process. 

It's crazy to think that we can transform your liquid gold into something so gorgeous right! 

We send any gold or rose gold pendants to the Assay Office to get hallmarked as a guarantee of quality. This may result in a slight delay in delivery time, depending on how busy the Assay office is at the time.

If there is a precious stone you would like added to your keepsake necklace that isn't listed here, please drop us an email at for a quote.