Our Mission | #normalisebreastfeeding



At Boob Bling we are passionate about Breastfeeding.  We are passionate about helping to normalise Breastfeeding.  We are passionate about championing Breastfeeding mums, about shouting from the rooftops how awesome you all are!

In 2017 @katequilton did a documentary for Dispatches on Channel 4 called 'Breastfeeding Uncovered'.  If you haven't seen it, it's a brilliant watch, it's available on All 4.  As breastfeeding mums ourselves, it was something we were naturally passionate about, but after seeing this documentary and the shocking stats behind breastfeeding rates in the UK and some of the reasons for these rates, the fire was stoked and our mission began!  

The World Health Organisation recommends breastfeeding for the first 2 years of your child's life.  

In the UK, 81% of mothers have tried breastfeeding at some point, but only 34% are still breastfeeding at six months.  Only 1% of women are exclusively breastfeeding at six months.

The data, published in the Lancet, shows that only one in 200 women - or 0.5% - is still doing any degree of breastfeeding after a year. 

That compares with 23% in Germany, 56% in Brazil and 99% in Senegal.

There are many reasons for the shocking breastfeeding rates in the UK, the lowest rates in the world!  The first is probably lack of support.  The second is the shame that women are made to feel over feeding their babies, giving them the best start in life, because the public perceives breastfeeding as something that should only be done behind closed doors, in private. But why is this the public perception?  

At Boob Bling we encourage our amazing followers to upload their breastfeeding pictures, to tag us with the hashtag #titofthemonth, to put a positive spin on the phrase, to make it normal for people to see these images and help break the stigma of women having to hide away to feed their babies.

Feeding our babies is the most natural thing in the world and it's time that society recognised that. 

So join us on our mission, feed your baby whenever and wherever you need to without feeling any shame whatsoever.  If you see another mum breastfeeding, give her a smile or tell her she's awesome!  Because the more people see this natural act, the better chance we have of making it 'the norm', of more mums feeling empowered to breastfeed and feel good about it, of eliminating this ridiculous perception by society that breastfeeding mums are going to be everywhere with their tits out!!