🍦🍉🌴 HOLIDAYS 🌴🍉🍦

OK....... so our holidays won't actually involve sipping cocktails by the pool with a book, in our bikinis, watching the world go by this year....... (actually that NEVER happens, we're mums FFS!!!!!!)

But we are downing tools for a couple of weeks to spend some much needed time with our families.  

We are officially on holiday from 17th July to 31st July inclusive.  

You can still order your gorgeous breastmilk bling on the website during this time and we'll get your milk kits posted out to you as soon as we are back.  

If you have an order in process with us at the moment, we will work to have your piece completed as quickly as possible but please bear with us.  

You can still contact us via Instagram and one of us will get back to you as soon as we can but again, please bear with us.

We can't tell you how much we appreciate all of your support so far this year, give us a couple of weeks and we'll be back, energised and ready for the lead up to Christmas!!  Yep, I said the "C" word, it's already in the planning here at Boob Bling HQ!! 

If you're taking some time out with your family over the summer, enjoy!! 🍉🍉

Lauren & Vics xxx