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Meet the Boob Bling Jeweller | Heather Sawers

 Did you know that Boob Bling is a two woman team? We like to think of founder Victoria as the “Boob” and jeweller Heather as the “Bling”. 

In this interview we get to know the wonderful Heather Sawers a little better. Heather works alongside Victoria, to bring the metalwork to life. Heather is a professionally trained jeweller who also has her own line of gorgeous products. Heather is such a key part of the Boob Bling team. She brings quality and experience to our pieces and she really loves what she does. 

 Heather Sawer HCS jewellery HCS Jewellery and Boob Bling

We sat down to ask Heather some questions about life as a jeweller.

Boob Bling: How long have you been a jeweller?

Heather: I’ve been making jewellery for over 10 years now however I started HCSJewellery in 2016 properly once I’d come home from travelling and found a bench space.

Boob Bling: What is your favourite part about your job?

HeatherOoh that’s a tricky one! I love creating pieces that are a little bit different. I love big earrings and statement rings, definitely my favourite items to make!

Boob Bling: How long does it take to make a Boob Bling ring?

Heather: Depending on the style/size of ring it can take up to an hour - this is for the metalwork element, the rest is up to Victoria!

Boob Bling: Where do you get inspired?

Heather:  I have a strong influence of architecture and textures in my designs. I drive people mad by taking photos of doors when I’m on holiday, I love the colours/styles and textures as they vary so much. I’m looking to add some colour with gemstones in my next collection. Keep your eyes peeled!

Boob Bling: What is your favourite piece of Boob Bling jewellery?

Heather: My favourite piece is the boob necklace, it’s quirky, fun and definitely a talking point!

Boob Bling: What did you want to be when you grew up?

Heather: I used to want to be a vet, until I discovered you had to put your hand up a cows booty. It wasn’t til I was older that I realised you could be a small animal vet...maybe I was meant for another career.

Boob Bling: How do we find out more about you?

Heather:  I’m on Instagram @hcsjewellery, Facebook as HCSJeweller and then on my website www.hcsjewellery.com. I’ve had a slight hiatus with moving house and am in the process of building my bench and workshop. If you have any questions you can also drop me an email at heather@hcsjewellery.com. 

… We are pretty glad that Heather made the change from cow’s bottoms to the jewellers bench. Thanks Heather!