Meet the Boob Bling Founder | Vics

Meet the Boob Bling Founder | Vics

As the leader of our two woman team, it's time to meet Vics! She is the boob and brains behind the brand.

In this interview, we will get to know more about Vics, her reasons for starting Boob Bling and her motherhood journey. Vics is a mum of 1 daughter and dog mum of 2. As well as Boob Bling, she also works as a business adviser at a local University. 

Boob Bling: What inspired you to start Boob Bling?

Vics: I had the pleasure of breastfeeding my daughter for 16 months. It was the most selfless thing I have ever done. A few months into feeding a friend mentioned breastmilk jewellery to me and I was just like WOW. I thought the concept was so powerful and started researching how to make it. After 12months of trial and error I found my process, and brought Heather on board to make the metalwork. We are a great team with very different but complimentary skills. 

Boob Bling: What is your favourite part about your job?

Vics: Seeing the emotional connection that our wonderful mamas have to their jewellery items. We have the pleasure of capturing such a special moment in time. 

Boob Bling: How long does it take to make a Milk Pearl?

Vics: After we receive your milk, it takes around 2 weeks to make the milk pearl. First we have to treat the breastmilk, then dry it out to a powder and then set it in resin. It takes time, but I wouldn't want to rush it. 

Boob Bling: Where do you get inspired?

Vics: I get inspired from everywhere. Instagram, pintrest, other brands. I am a very visual person and just love dreaming. I find ideas in the most random places. I also have a habit of making up song lyric in my head all the time. I need an "off switch".

Boob BlingWhat is your favourite piece of Boob Bling jewellery?

Vics: There are so many items I love. I am a yellow gold kinda girl so any of our breastmilk items in yellow gold always win my heart. I am especially fond of our gold pendants as I love to layer necklaces. 

Boob BlingWhat did you want to be when you grew up?

Vics: My first memory was wanting to be an Opera Singer (I can't sing) and then I got really into Ally McBeal and wanted to be a Lawyer... I would have been the WORST lawyer in history! Ha.

Boob BlingHow have you found the transition to motherhood?

Vics: Honestly? Fucking hard! I wasn't really sure what to expect and spent my pregnancy in denial. Then BANG you have a baby. It was tough, I suffered from post natal depression, my husband had to work away and I just felt lost. The older my daughter gets, the easier it is becoming. She is absolutely amazing.

… and Vic's daughter is called Nesta. She is named after the legend Bob Marley.